Popular Delicious Birthday Cake Ideas !!

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Top 10 Popular Delicious Birthday Cake Ideas !!

Top 10 Popular Delicious Birthday Cake Ideas !!

From the beginning of the birthday, cakes have become a must for this occasion. A cake is an essential part of birthday celebrations for any birthday occasion, a source of fun and enthusiasm on every occasion. A birthday celebration without a birthday cake makes it incomplete. Despite the person having a birthday, a kid or grown-up will also always feel glad to have cake on their occasion. Birthday cakes are the various types which confuse a person to which one to buy. In this article, we’re going to discuss some trending birthday cakes. This will assist you in making your choice.

These days, birthdays bakeries and online birthday cake delivery portals are setting new trends in birthday cake. They are providing new designers and creative cakes in the market. The cakes make any occasion remarkably well and memorable for the birthday person and the guest on occasion. So, if you make your occasion special, you can buy these designs and fresh cake from a nearby bakery or from online.

Here we have prepared a list of the top ten trending cakes that have the best design and flavor. They will surely add excitement to your occasion. So, here are some quirky and delicious cakes to drool over.

Hand-painted cakes-

The popularity of hand-painted cakes is growing. The design of the cake is a sample like painting on the canvas. The colors used in making a cake are edible, and you can also customize your cake according to your preference. This could be the best gift from someone who loves creativity.

Naked and Semi-Naked:

Both of these cakes are semi and full-naked cakes are in a trend these days. They are made with plants and fondant embellishments. These cakes have less to zero frostings on the external surface, subsequently exposing cake layers and fillings. These cakes are ideal if you need a simple look.


If you want your cake to look royal and elegant, then go for pearl cakes. The cake is embellished with pearls in differing pattern designs. You can get the birthday number, name of the individual, or the whole cake decorated with pearls. This time, you can send your dear ones inventive sweet treats like this by picking an online bread shop that sends pearl online cake delivery in Noida and other major and minor urban communities of India.

Mirror Glazed:

Buttercream and fondant cakes are the cake of past times, and their trend is gone. This birthday, try a mirror coated cake. A glossy coating composed of gelatin, sugar and different flavorings is poured over a cake to give it this intelligent surface.


Metallic cakes in gleaming shades of brilliant and silver surface admirably for a birthday. So, you can try them for your birthday celebrations as well. If your child has turned seven, you can go for a copper metallic cake or a silver metallic cake for your mom’s 25th birthday celebration, a brilliant cake for the 50th birthday celebration, etc.

Gift Wrap:

Imagine a cake with palatable bows and strips. Delightful it is! We are discussing a gift wrap cake. This cake is so beautiful to view that you can’t avoid having it for a birthday festivity.

Unicorn Cakes:

One of the best and trending children’s birthday cakes. You can organize this cake with a unicorn-themed party. Decorated with pastel buttercream and brilliant horn, unicorn cake will inject enchantment into any birthday celebration.

The layered cakes:

Anyway, another captivating option is the layered cakes, which help you to get tremendous birthday celebrations by their lavish sizes. For simple social affairs, a considerable number of people seize the opportunity to settle with a two-layered cake any way you can accept it as high as you need.

Rich cream cakes:

If the birthday child or youngster is a chocolate fan, settle on a rich cream cake. With less bread and a more prominent measure of cream, these cakes are essentially superb and will, in general, will easily dissolve in your mouth. This way, your guests are guaranteed to value the flavor and offer you a couple of praises for the eminent choice.

Yogurt birthday cakes:

Another addition to the list of top ten trending cakes is this birthday cake, forested yogurt cake. They look tempting and wonderful. In any case, if you are organizing a long social occasion, putting these cakes on display will be troublesome for the cake. This is because the frosted yogurt is melted when it is kept to room temperature. So be aware and plan accordingly.

Cakes are one of the popular and essential parts of the birthday. Many online shops can help you with buying your favorite cake flavor. The possibility of buying delicious cakes is huge, which also accompanies the energy on the occasions. Cakes also help bring people together and facilitate a sweet treat for all people in the gathering. Order cake online in Gurgaon for your birthday event and make your occasion special.

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